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Apple, make my TV obsolete, please.

I have an iPhone 4. At this stage, can’t afford a 4S and might as well wait for 6 before I think about upgrading, especially since Apple hinted in a recent earnings call that they may go back to summer releases. I just hope my kids don’t kill my 4 before then…

The main thing I feel I’m missing out on with the 4S is Siri. And I’m sure most people feel the same. But for now, forget a virtual assistant inyour phone. I want a virtual assistant in my TV.

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AllThingsD has a good write up for some of the reasons why this needs to happen, but let me break it down for you about why I’m so excited for this. Imagine a conversation like this with your TV:

"When’s the next new episode of Chuck on?"

"Chuck normally airs Friday night at 6pm on NBC. The next new episode is on December 23. Shall I record it for you?"

"Sure, record the whole series."

"Alright. All new episodes of Chuck are set to record."

"Great, but I want to watch some now. Anywhere else I can watch it?"

"Hulu has the last 5 episodes available for streaming in HD. Shall I start those for you?"

"Yes, please."

"Okay. Starting Chuck season 5 episode 1, ‘Chuck vs the Zoom.’"

I just saved 10 minutes of my life. Holy crap. I want it. NOW. Forget the satellite channel guide and its search that takes 5 minutes. Managing apps on a TV is better, but still horrendous. A Siri TV? Awesome. But really ANYTHING would be better than what we have now.

DirecTV’s guide was so painfully slow and burdensome to navigate that I waited excitedly for months to get their new HD guide because they told me it would be faster and easier. Well, it’s prettier and faster, but sure ain’t any easier to use.

Same goes for my PS3, my Samsung TV itself, and my sound system. 4 remotes, cables galore, too many inputs to switch between, and no way to manage it all efficiently.

And as a consumer, I really don’t care where my content comes from. I have no channel or service loyalty, I just want to watch something good immediately, not have to wade through other crap to get there. Want to recommend others shows when my episode is over? Fine. Heck, build your whole service around recommendation. Chuck is ending soon. I’ll need a new favorite show. What would you recommend, Siri?

And I’d gladly pay premium for this. Plus AirPlay built in, use my iPhone as a physical remote, and who knows what else. Whether or not this comes from Apple, I hope it comes soon. Very soon. I could use an upgrade.

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